The Cloververse: A Look Into Modern M‍‍‍ovi‍‍‍e Marketing

‍‍‍When Matt Reeves and JJ Abrams successfully debuted their film, Cloverfield in 2008, I don't think either of them had the intention of creating a movie marketing anomaly, a franchise that is seemingly like no other.  While other films franchises have now since caught into to 'viral' marketing campaigns (I'm unashamed to admit that I matched with Deadpool on Tinder), the Cloverfield franchise is doing it much differently than its competition.  


How Disney Built Their Empire - The Business Behind Film

In today’s modern box office, one dominated by blockbusters and superhero movies, you can’t help but avoid the biggest name in the industry; Disney. Over the past 9 years, The Walt Disney Company has steadily, quietly and somewhat surprisingly transformed itself into a powerhouse like none other. Boasting tentpole franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pixar and the king of them all, Star Wars, Disney has a firm grasp on the movie world and its fans. But what makes them so effective at what they do? Is it that they put out the highest quality and‍‍‍ most diverse set of films? Is it CEO Bob Iger’s leadership skills? Or has he simply inherited the golden egg of cinema, one laid by pioneer and legend Walt Disney? I contend that it’s a mix of all three.

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